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i remember the days when i didn’t know how to straighten my hair, use a hair dryer, paint my nails, wear make up, pluck my eye brows, and wore t shirts and jeans every day. oh how far i’ve come. it’s amazing how much one person can evolve. and i still change a little bit every day. 

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What alcohol says about you.

I don’t see hard cider on there. This can not describe me.

Tequila and soda. At the last party. Thank God I knew my limits. Hahaha

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today a very good friend of mine shaved her head for st.baldricks which contributes to cancer research. it was so amazing. she was so brave and happy. i wish i had that kind of confidence. she did a really great thing. people like that are amazing. 

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"But if a mirror ever makes
you sad
you should know
that it does
not know

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omfg i’m dead. i need air!


omfg i’m dead. i need air!

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that tongue though.

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it’s been a while,

haven’t posted my own post on here for a long time. too busy with this thing called life. also have moved to paper and pen as an outlet. i think i like it mhmmmm old school is definitely me. i was born in the wrong time period. but at the same time too many people tryna be like how it used to be, or so they think. anywayyyys finals tomorrow, lehhgo. #randompost #pillowtalkwithmyself

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the perfect man for me,


but i can really imagine niall being the type of boyfriend who’ll drive to your house at night and make you sneak out so you can fool around in his car for a bit and then get late night fast food

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